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Fry = Bad


So today I could speak on Fry in relation to the spiritual, but I have chosen the physical instead.

IMG_3319 veg copy.jpg

Usually I will blog on Spiritual Health and Mental Health, but our Physical health is also very important.

IMG_3306 Roasted_edited-1.jpg

When I eat foods that are fried they may be tastier, but it is what happens to my body afterwards.

IMG_3301 RSoasted_edited-1


With a digestive system that can easily go on the blink, I try to eliminate fried foods. I have come to associate these foods with heart burn, upper back pain, and whether real or not, I choose to stay away from them as much as I can.

IMG_3309 Roasted_edited-1

I have come to learn from personal experience that roasted foods are better for me than fried foods and the more pain I can eliminate from my body the better.

This is one of the ways to ease some pain and function more comfortably.

Fry = Bad

3 Responses to “Fry = Bad”

  1. soulfood101blog

    I’m catching up on my reading today, and I love visiting you blog and finding all the beautiful pictures and words of uplifting spiritual meaning!! God bless you. I agree with you about fried foods, unless it’s stir fried but I don’t really think thats truly “fried” lol. I haven’t had but a handful of fried things in years. I suatee or roast everything. I add lots of seasoning and now don’t miss the fried stuff 🙂 Love your blog, love the inspiration, love the pictures!!

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