So today I could speak on Fry in relation to the spiritual, but I have chosen the physical instead.

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Usually I will blog on Spiritual Health and Mental Health, but our Physical health is also very important.

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When I eat foods that are fried they may be tastier, but it is what happens to my body afterwards.

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With a digestive system that can easily go on the blink, I try to eliminate fried foods. I have come to associate these foods with heart burn, upper back pain, and whether real or not, I choose to stay away from them as much as I can.

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I have come to learn from personal experience that roasted foods are better for me than fried foods and the more pain I can eliminate from my body the better.

This is one of the ways to ease some pain and function more comfortably.

Fry = Bad

3 Replies to “Fry = Bad”

  1. I’m catching up on my reading today, and I love visiting you blog and finding all the beautiful pictures and words of uplifting spiritual meaning!! God bless you. I agree with you about fried foods, unless it’s stir fried but I don’t really think thats truly “fried” lol. I haven’t had but a handful of fried things in years. I suatee or roast everything. I add lots of seasoning and now don’t miss the fried stuff 🙂 Love your blog, love the inspiration, love the pictures!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. Your blog is also awesome. It is always good when we share God’s word with others…..I don’t consider stir fried as frying either…but I have considerably cut down on the fried foods for my own well being. Thanks for stopping by.

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