Timely Visit To The Marsh

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Some days you can visit the marsh and all be quiet, while other visits can be very timely.

Green Heron 0190 viv copy.jpg
Green Heron 

IMG_1221 Green Heron copy

It was a great opportunity to see this Green Heron in such a close way.

IMG_4288 Green Heron a copy

Early in the morning seems to be a good time, when they are searching for food, and all around is peace and quiet.

IMG_4313 Green Heron a copy

15 Replies to “Timely Visit To The Marsh”

  1. Your photos are so wonderful… each one, but the one with the reflections is superb… the eye… so crisp, the riple clear and his feathers… brilliant work.

      1. When I spot something spectacular, I simply have to … seriously! I fell in love with your pictures. It was as if I were there personally. Awesome.

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