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Photo Challenge: Security


These are a few of the books that I read the first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep at night. They make for a better rest.


After trying many tangible things, I have learned to put my full trust and security in a God that I cannot see. The funny thing is, that the more I do this, the more He helps me to see clearly.


When I’m in pain I cry out to Him. The times when I have been feeling anxious or depress, I try to picture myself as the woman with the issue of blood, reaching out and touching the hem of Jesus’ garment, and in these times His Holy Spirit is a comfort to me. I would love for others to experience this security, but it comes by taking a leap of faith, which I’ve found that many are not willing to take.


Don’t get me wrong, while I may live in a house and have a security alarm, my security in Jesus is of much greater worth, because I know that if I live or if I die, or if I lose everything around me, I still want to remain secure in Him.


10 Responses to “Photo Challenge: Security”

  1. Emissary

    GOD really does give us the security we desire…if we only will receive it ! I’m so glad to see that you are immersing yourself in HIS Word !

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    • mycreatorscreation

      Thank you. I find I function much better when I’m connected to God through His word. He really does give me the strength to face whatever trial I may be going through at that time.

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  2. forgivingjournal

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love of the bible, and your faith in Jesus. Funny, I was in an Easter spiritual retreat, and we spoke about how what healed the woman who touched the Christ’s garment was her faith. ❤ And how beautiful to read it again in your blog. Thanks for visiting Forgiving Connects. Lovely to meet you. ~Debbie



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