Turkey 1

These two Turkeys started to circle each other while the others looked on.

Turkey 2We wondered what they were up to, but would later find out they were getting ready to rumble.

Turkey 3

They continued to dance around each other

Turkey 4

Then feathers started to fly as the fight broke.

Turkeya 5

The referee looks on, and takes not as to who the aggressor is.

Turkeya 6

They seem to know whose winning….I haven’t a clue at this point.

Turkeya 7.jpg

It looks like an even match to me

Turkey 8

Turkey 9

Turkey 10

A winner does emerge, and he is the one that is holding the other turkey’s head down.

At this point the one turkey who looked like the referee went off to the side with his tail feathers all fanned out, while the other spectators gathered around the two combatants. Then they all wandered off together again.







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