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Each one of us were created perfectly positive and good human beings, but after A Massive Lie  was told in the Garden of Eden, it created a great conflict within our minds.

The Great Controversy we now experience is one of Good and Evil. Will we do the good that God wants us to do, or will we continue to listen and give in to the temptations of evil from the devil.

Most of the emotional and mental torture we now suffer is because many of us have removed ourselves from under the banner of God and His goodness. By giving in to the sweet temptations from the evil enemy (Satan) we are making the choice to live a tortured experience.  Read more in Good Or Evil

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  1. Your first sentence in the last paragraph sums it all. We are under God’s protective banner yet choose to remove ourselves. It is then that we find ourselves out of His will and in a mess.

    1. Very true…..the solutions to our problems are very simple, but we keep looking for complex and sophisticated theories to fix our mess…..Life can be simple. If we “Know God,” we will “Know Peace.” Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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