Backyard Birding In The Springtime

Doves for some reason like to hang out in my backyard. The also like to nest in my hanging baskets.

IMG_9014 Lovey Dovey copy

Spring is around the corner and the sun is shining…a beautiful day to enjoy each others company.

IMG_9053 Doves copy

A beautiful display of feathers for each to see.

IMG_9069 Doves copy

Well synchronized

IMG_9076 Doves copy

A show of affection

IMG_9083 Doves copy.jpg

Looks like there may be some eggs for nesting in the near future.

IMG_9095 Doves copy

Showing appreciation for each other.

IMG_9098 Doves copy

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I am a Christian who believes in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I also believe that Jesus will soon return to this earth.

While I speak on Mental Health and Depression in regards to the Bible, I am not discouraging anyone from seeking the help of a professional for treatment. I am also not discouraging anyone from taking medication. Along with their treatment, I truly think the Bible and the Words within should not be discounted.


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