A few years ago I headed out to the West Coast of Canada to attend the wedding of my twin nieces.

IMG_7165 Below Grouse copy.jpg

While there I got the opportunity to visit Grouse mountain. This is a view from the trolley that took us up the mountain.

IMG_9607 Victoria copy

Above  is the take off to come back home from the Victoria Airport.

Below are a few photos as we flew over the Rockies.

IMG_9543 Rockies copy.jpg

IMG_9547 Rockies copy

IMG_9536 Rockies copy

11 Replies to “Photo Challenge: Atop”

  1. Interesting aerial photos of the Canadian Rockies. I’m used to seeing them from the ground level. You can really appreciate the scale and the geology from your pics. That middle one with the clear view of the layers of sedimentary rock is great!

    1. Thanks …..No the twins got married to two best friends. On twin got married in the morning and the other in the evening and they were maid of honor for each other. The husbands were also each other best men.

  2. Love the shots of the Rockies. I can never seem to capture anything interesting from a plane – probably because I never aks for the the window seat!!

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