This happened quite a few years back. I don’t have any pictures of the particular event, but have included some pictures of Calypso.

FramedImage1 copy

My hubby and I were sitting out on the deck one hot summers day, and as was the custom, Calypso happened to be outside with us, as that was the only time she could go outdoors. We had the sprinkler going back and forth on the lawn, when Calypso for some reason, decided to jump off the deck and run under the sprinkler. The water came down on her drenching her, and she started letting out the loudest screeches I had ever heard coming from her. I got up quickly to get her out from under the sprinkler, then I went inside, got an old towel and dried her off.  She started to purring very loudly now that she was dry.

100_3220 copy

I turned the sprinkler back on and went back to where I was sitting. I saw Calypso walk to the edge of the deck once again, looked in the direction of the sprinkler, and to my hubby’s and my amazement, she jumped off the deck and ran under the sprinkler, and only after she was drenched did she come running back to us. By this time, we were laughing very hard. I picked up the old towel once again, rubbed her dry, only to watch her go to the edge of the deck, jump off, and back under the sprinkler she went.

009 copy

This went on for several times, with Calypso now totally absorbed in running under the sprinkler to get wet, and then coming back to me to be dried off again. So, one thing I’m sure of, and that is that not all cats are afraid of being drench in water.

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