Following The Pattern


Wood Carvings


Designers know that in order to arrive at the best results for their clothing they must follow that particular pattern in order to make a particular dress. If you don’t follow all the steps in the pattern you can’t expect the dress to look as it does in the magazine.

As Christians, we must also follow a certain pattern if we want to be in a close relationship with Jesus. What kind of things should we do in order to get closer to Jesus? We must be obedient to the 10 Commandments and they will establish the relationship we are looking for. We want to say we love Jesus, but we don’t want to follow His commandments….That pattern will not give us the end results we are seeking.

Jesus says; “If you love me, Keep my commands.” John 14: 15


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I am a Christian who believes in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I also believe that Jesus will soon return to this earth.

While I speak on Mental Health and Depression in regards to the Bible, I am not discouraging anyone from seeking the help of a professional for treatment. I am also not discouraging anyone from taking medication. Along with their treatment, I truly think the Bible and the Words within should not be discounted.

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