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Fabricated stories are more appealing to the ears and it seems they are much easier to handle. Unfortunately this is nothing new.

The first made up story happened back in the Garden of Eden….these days some even believe it’s nothing more that a Fairy Tale. The hard fact is; that Jesus is Alive, and we are called to make many sacrifices if we are to truly follow him…..This truth is obviously too difficult for many to handle, so they continue to believe Fabricated Stories of the Truth.

The picture above is also “Fabricated.” This is what I would like to see when I look out my back yard in the winter; however, this is not what I really see….but it’s more appealing to the eyes.

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  1. I used to make up whoppers when a teacher intermingled with fact then ask my children to try to decide which was fact and which was fiction. It was a lot of fun.

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