Swarming Starlings

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IMG_9056 Starlings copy.jpg

Springtime is almost here and with it will come the Swarming Starlings. For about a few years now I have been attracting birds to my backyard.

IMG_6942 Starlings copy.jpg

However after last year’s dilemma, I’m trying to decide whether to play hostess to the starlings again, for not only do they swarm….they screech, squabble and when all the food is finished they will stalk you  from a nearby tree, waiting for more to be replenish.

IMG_6751 Baby Starling & Gracklea copy

This young babe takes on an adult Grackle. They seem to be born fighters ready to fight any of the other birds, and also their own.IMG_7499a copy.jpg

At this young age they try to eat anything, including my Zinnias, while waiting to get food from a parent.





6 thoughts on “Swarming Starlings

  1. We are having frogs and such come out of hibernation two months early this year in Southern Ontario Canada. I pray we do not go into a deep freeze now and they all get killed. I still say global warming is getting worse every year.

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