Photo Challenge: Surrounded by Light

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The Road Taken

It’s about four years now since I started to take a great interest in nature photography. It happened at a time when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and going through Chemo Therapy.


I would encourage him to go on walks as a form of exercise and to get some fresh air. I took this picture as we were out walking along the path one day.

We had been walking under a canopy of trees, so I’m always surprise when I look at this particular photo to see the amount of light that enveloped my husband.

It’s almost as though God was smiling on us and saying; “Everything will be alright my children, everything will be alright.”

Four years later we are still praising God for His tender mercies.


10 Replies to “Photo Challenge: Surrounded by Light”

  1. I know the feeling. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 or 4 thyroid cancer some years ago. Thankfully, he’s still around and celebrating another birthday today! God is good.


  2. Why I say this Janet, is that the same year my husband was fighting this battle, my mom died and so did my pet cat. After the numbness of my mother’s passing, I remember my dad saying; “God is merciful.” I asked him how he could say such a thing at that time, and he brought to my attention what a horrible existence she would be living…….actually after the massive stroke that she suffered, she was mostly all gone already…..So God is good whether He is with us in our suffering, or whether He takes us out of it.

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