Daily Post Prompt: The Courting Cardinals

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About two springs ago, I got to witness this most juicy and intriguing event right from my kitchen window.


I wasn’t quite sure what was happening at the time, but soon came to realize that I was watching the courtship between two Cardinals. The male Cardinal would fly to the feeder, fetch a seed, and then back to the female that he was trying to attract and offer her the finest sunflower seed he had found.


After his prospect had accepted the seed, I’m sure it made the male Cardinal feel spectacular giving him the hope that there was more to come.


The two lingered for a while beak to beak before the male flew off once again to fetch his mate another seed.


Well the courtship is now over. I’m not sure if Mrs. Cardinal knew what she was in for.


I see her and her alone, busy taking apart my coco liners as she flies off to make a home for her and Mr. Cardinal.


It all seemed to work out in the end, because when it came to the feeding time,

Cardinalsaa #7.jpg

It was only Mr. Cardinal I would see doing this job. So in the end they both played a very important part, in the rearing of the young cardinal.

It’s amazing the instinct that has been placed in man and in all animals, the instinct to love, to care and to share. It’s so nice to see these positive instincts being used.

And that is my juicy tale about “The Courting Cardinals.”

Leola Durant


6 Replies to “Daily Post Prompt: The Courting Cardinals”

    1. Good for you…I love cats, but I’m always having to chase them from our backyard…..have to look out for those hungry birds…One morning it was so sad to see one of the neighborhood cats going off with a gold finch in it’s mouth….

      1. Yes, it has taken many hours of talking to Jaco about supervising the birds as opposed to hunting them, it is their inner instinct, but he is getting great at overseeing activity from the deck or flower bed now. Sad about the goldfinches.

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