Jesus Returns

stairs in sky
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 I looked, and there before me was a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was one like a son of man[b] with a crown of gold on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. Revelation 14:14

Surely it must be almost harvest time. It seems as though the whole earth is being thrown into a state of confusion, with good being confused for bad, and right confused for wrong. Humans are becoming more and more hopeless, the earth is creaking and groaning.

People are making plans as the seek ways to escape….to escape this corrupted earth. Jesus is coming back again, when He returns the next time, His feet will not touch this polluted earth until it has been purified. He will descend into this atmosphere, but will sit on the cloud, while the angels go forward and do the harvesting. Jesus will return with all His power and His glory.


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