Stillness in the Fall

Hillman Marsh

Though far from the beginning of time

Much beauty still abounds.

Trees are on fire while groups of birds are busy flapping.

A lonely bench facing the waves invites us to sit; to listen.

As we sit, we see  butterflies fly to the water’s edge and then back again.

They want to linger before the journey.

Few people around, all are stilled, quieted, hushed.

Where there should be coldness there is warmth,

Where there should be a rush there is lingering.

Hillman Marsh

So my hubby and I took some time out to celebrate our 21 years of marriage. On this particular day, we took in the beauty of nature by visiting the southern most tip of Canada. The waters were very rough, in a way that I’ve never seen. The waves came together at the very tip, and they overlapped each other. We stayed and mingled for a bit, with the few who also came to drink in this beauty.

Point Pelee

On this particular day, I would capture more with the naked eye than I did with the camera.


Some of our sightings included frogs, shore birds, turtles, vultures, herons, hawks…..

So on this beautiful fall day we would simply take time to sit and be still.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; Psalm 37:7

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