Changing Times, Changing Seasons


Heading off to search for food


Osprey flies over the marsh


Pit stop, before heading south


Butterflies resting up before taking the long flight across the lake.


Changes at the marsh


Food in short supply


Hot dry summer dries up the marsh

As one season ends another begins


I’ll never forget my first sighting of the Barred Owl


These Creatures seem to crave the quietness and peacefulness of the woods.


Looking forward to another season of Snowy Owls

4 Replies to “My Creator’s Creatures”

    1. I had only seen owls in magazine and books, until I got into nature photography a few years ago. They are mainly located in parks close by, and if the winter is snowy enough….the snowy owl may show up. They did a few years ago, and I got to go on some winter adventures with some of my birder/photographer friends trying to find them…..Very Exhilarating!!

      1. there used to be owls in the church grounds I last posted about, but the trees were cut down where the owls were and they left. very sad.

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