Daily Potion September 14, 2016

#Christianity, #God, #Wisdom, Inspiration, Spirituality

God Will Answer Prayer


When we really want something we will constantly go after it. Many may play the lottery over and over waiting for the big win, other may chase a lover, yet only a few will take the same time to seek God in prayer.

The Scripture says that God will answer prayer, we need to seek Him often. After we pray, we also have to listen for God to give an answer.

5 thoughts on “Daily Potion September 14, 2016

  1. It is pitiful watching poor people waste their money on lottery tickets. They all have that look of excitement and anticipation of winning the big one. Even if they do win, then their lives are even more miserable.

    I prefer to invest my time in a sure winner and that is enjoying daily conversation with my Beloved. Many times it is difficult being obedient unto Him though always rewarding.


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