God Promises Peace


This Scripture tells us that when we listen to what the Lord has to say, when we are faithful to Him in every way, God will grant us His peace. His peace may not always come the way we expect it either. How do we do this: we read His Word, we pray, we focus our thoughts upward, and in drawing closer to Him we will gain His wealth……Spiritual wealth that is.

The last part of the verse is like a warning…..”But let them not turn to folly.”  (Foolishness, recklessness, etc. ) for God has certain standards….When we remove ourselves from under God’s protection, there will be a price to pay, we don’t like to hear this part, but that’s just the way it is. God cannot accept our sinful ways. We only have to look at what happen in The Garden of Eden.

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  1. Great post. A couple of bloggers are talking about listening to God. I just commented on one that we indeed need to read his Word. You are right, that we cannot assume his peace and assurance when we are not listening, walking in the Spirit. Thanks for sharing.

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