Held by God’s Right Hand


So God is speaking to Israel in this Scripture, but this promise is also for all God’s children that walk this earth today.

God is telling us that when horrible things happen to us, we are not to fear because He will strengthen us and support us. Take note, He is able to carry the burdens of the whole world in one hand….who else is Mighty enough to do that!

I claimed this promise for myself when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and near death. While I sat in the operating room waiting for surgery to be over, once in a while my thoughts would stray from the goodness of God, and go to the negative. Every time I turned to negative thinking, that little voice within (the Holy Spirit) would whisper my name, I would refocus my thoughts to my Almighty God, and hang tight to that Hand again.

God carried us both through very tough times, but that is where I would learn to put more and more trust in Him.

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