Daily Dose August 29, 2016

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High Thin Wire

Always doubts, but each day they are less,

I have proved my Saviour is there,

He walks with me through the fire,

Yes, my Saviour, He is always near.

No more do I feel alone.

No more balancing on a high thin wire.

I recognize my Jesus,

Yes, He is there. He is with me in the fire.

By focusing on Jesus, I feel my feet steady,

He leads me against the norm.

What was once a high thin wire,

Beneath my feet is now a platform.

Why should I fear!

With much room around me I freely walk,

Building upon my confidence in Him,

I go forward in prayer.

Hand in hand we freely talk.

Even though still on the wire,

Safety and confidence is my gain.

Sturdy and steady I go forward,

From negativity and doubts I now refrain.

By Leola Durant

I am sure that most of us at one time or another suffered from insomnia, anxious thoughts or depression. For some reason we just don’t like to speak of it. I truly believe that this is satan’s way of keeping us under his control.

I have experienced a period in my life when I was unable to sleep at night. Being unable to work because of my Lupus/ Vasculitis (arthritis) I spent much time in pain, but was also very anxious and depressed. My whole focus was on me, me and more me.

At some point; as a last-ditch effort (since nothing else was working) I decided to put God to the test. I cried out to Him, I searched His Word, I claimed every promised I found in the bible, and in time things began to change. I realized I was no longer looking outward at those around me, or inward at my sorry state, but I was looking “Upward.” Upward to God.

Looking back now I realized I was being tormented by satan; he was manipulating my mind. I remember the exact time God took over, but I really can’t put it into words. All I can tell you is that God chased my tormentor away, and He, by way of His Holy Spirit is now the one to Guide and Light my path. It is now my desire to stay so close to God that satan will never be manifested in my life in that way again. I so wish the same “Peace” to be found by others, it won’t just come and drop in your laps….you will have to search with all your being, but you “will” find it.


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