Daily Potion August 26, 2016

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Transforming Mind

We evolve not in body

But we should be transforming our minds,

As we grow in relationship with Jesus

His precious gems we find.

Jesus speaks to our minds,

He is real, He is not fake,

We view Him like a terror

But the enemy’s words we take.

Instead of letting God transform our minds

We readily give into Satan and his temptations,

All knowledge of Jesus and our minds transforming,

Is met with much repudiation.

When we let our minds expand,

Jesus opens our eyes to things in His big universe.

But most of us are content to remain limited,

Living under Satan and his curse.

God’s creation sings praises to Him,

The space all around us, the sea and the wind,

While God’s little children walk on in darkness,

Looking for someone who will defend them.

The children keep walking

Looking on the outside, and refusing to look within,

Satan keeps smiling;

He knows they are trapped in his web of sin.

Some of God’s little children decides to take a chance,

Looking within their minds,

Lo and behold, Jesus is there,

He really is; what a marvelous find.

The children are still in the fire,

But now the flames feel barely warm.

There is a shift in their thinking,

They are now going against the norm.

As others around them squirm

Growing more afraid of the things to come,

They in their minds are growing,

Growing closer to God’s Almighty Son.

There is lots of shaking and rattling,

But the little children hang firmly to God showing satan no fear,

He cannot understand how he lost them,

The children no longer feel his sneer.

Seek to adorn the inner, which is your mind.

Not paying too much attention to the outer head.

The Holy Spirit is waiting within to be acknowledged,

Hi is alive, just accept him, He is not dead.

Thanks be to God,

Transforming in mind is to undergo a total change.

Believe in Jesus with all your mind

And from all harm and dangers,

With our minds settled on Him, we will never be deranged.

The words in this poem are words that were given to me by way of the Holy Spirit. I of my own know nothing about the mind on any higher level than the bible. As for poems and writing, I am sure there is a proper and improper way to do it; however that is not my main focus. My main focus is to share my walk with Jesus with you, and how I see Him working in my life. God does open our eyes in many different ways. I my case, many times He will give me a word, for example in this poem I used the word “repudiation,” He brought that to my mind. Yes, I should be ashamed to say I didn’t know the meaning, but found that it fitted what I wanted to say.

Another such word I got from the Holy Spirit was the word “Capitulate.” So for days I tried to figure out the meaning of this word; of course I know how to spell it now, but at that time as I tried to find it in the dictionary I was looking for it to begin with the letter “K.”

It was a shock to me when I finally found the word. God was telling me I needed to surrender, when I thought I was already surrendered. God is seeking our total surrender, and it can only come from dying daily to self.

3 Replies to “Daily Potion August 26, 2016”

  1. Dear God, I receive Your word and I fully surrender my mind and spirit to You!
    Thanks for sharing this dear. May God keep using you as His vessel!

    1. I believe that true “Freedom” is found when we fully surrender. It’s a day by day, hour by hour, minute, by minute, second by second surrender. The enemy tricks our minds into thinking that it’s too restrictive, but its just the opposite. I plan to keep striving…..

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