Daily Potion August 25, 2016

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stairs in sky

Light In The Upper Room

So this poem is about one of the most unusual things that I have ever experience. It’s the kind of event that I would find hard to believe, if I was told it by another.

There is a Light in the upper room;

I sense it’s the presence of my Lord, my Savior.

Brought by constant searching and yearning

Faithfully seeking to win His favor.

There is a Light in the upper room;

The presence of it causes me to relax.

The Holy Spirit’s joy and comfort

Never wane and never wax.

There is a Light in the upper room;

The Spirit lights the path that’s true.

Invisible, yet beautifully manifested

To all who walk with a spiritual view.

There is a Light in the upper room;

I wonder when or from where it came.

But by faith I pray in earnest

And hope that it will always remain.

When all is dark around,

That shining Light is ever-present.

Fear is gone, peace remains

I know this Light is sent from heaven.

There is a Light in the upper room.

I have a room in my house where I write all my poetry, edit my nature photos, and sometimes I will also do my daily devotions is this room. One night I got up to go to the bathroom, only to see the room flooded with light. It was so odd. I went into the room to see what could be giving off the light, as so many gadgets these days give off light in the darkness, however this was a more powerful light. I sat down in the chair and decided I would embrace the light as coming from God. I felt peaceful, I felt happy, it was as if God wa saying to me, ” I approve of the work you do in this room Leola.”

On waking up the next night, my work room was once again illuminated with light. I went in and sat for a while before going back to bed. I thought about mentioning it to my hubby, but would he understand; he may think I’m hallucinating. So I said nothing.

The next day however, my hubby asked; “Leola, are you leaving a light on in the front room at night? The question wipe away any doubts I may have had. He then said; “Maybe the street light is shining in.” That was not possible as the street light is not right in front of our home, and I had further more also check the outdoors.

I would see the Light one more time after this. It appeared as a streak, down the back of the chair in which I sit to do my work. This came at a time when I was having back pain, so I sat in the chair and began to pray.

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