IMG_9490aa copyBefore us, beside us, around us, and behind

Look closely, listen carefully,

And His presence you will find.

His presence is sweet,

A constant melody to our ears.

Come! Step out in faith,

If you believe, you too will hear.


Before us, beside us, around us, and behind

Hidden in His glory there His precious love I find.

When things go wrong

I’ll think of Him and choose to prayerfully wait,

No more hastily acting out

And echoing bitter words of hate.


Before us, beside us, around us and behind

Quietly He tells me with humility, I will shine.

He wants to guide us in our plans

He wants to give us Heaven’s view

He wants to keep us in His Spirit

And have our minds daily renewed.


God is our Creator and He knows just what is best.

We must let go, we must let him, and He will do the rest.

By Leola Durant

So often, many of us feel so lonely because we think that God is so far away, when in actual fact, it is us who stands far away from God. God’s presence can be seen and felt all around us. He has given us much beauty in nature to feast our eyes on, and His Spirit is stands right beside us, waiting for an invitation into each and every heart.

I was one of those lonely people thinking that God was far away, I wasn’t sure that I truly believed that He was available to me, so I started searching for Him with all my heart, to either prove or disprove His words, but to my surprise, I started to see and feel His goodness all around me. Even with all the Darkness that is before us in this world, God’s Light still shines.


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