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Getting ready to start the hunt.

Some of the terms used to describe Sheep are : Obedient, Unquestioning, Conservative, Straight, Predictable, Unadventurous etc. On the other hand, Wolves we know can be Sly, Crafty, Shrewd, Scheming, Unruly, Wild, Unpredictable, Dangerous, etc.

Coywolf:  I will look at her, maybe that will scare her.

In Matthew 10:16 it tells us; [Persecutions, Discrimination, Harassment, Oppression… etc. Are Coming] “Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.” So Jesus calls us to go out among the sly, crafty, shrewd and  the scheming.

Maybe if I ignore her she will go away.

When we live under the protection of the Father, Son and  Holy Spirit, we will be given the wisdom and the know how to deal with the crafty, shrewd and scheming wild wolf without causing it any harm. It’s not an easy task at times, but God calls every Christian to be meek and mild mannered in our spirit regardless of the situation that is set out before us.

Luke 10:3 “Go your way: behold I send you out as lambs among wolves.”

Coywolf On the move

Being meek and mild does not equate to weakness as most would think. God gives us His inner strength to deal with all our circumstances.


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