Time To Mingle

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  1. Hi! My passion is God revealed in nature. The following is a link to my page where you can click on “Buttons” to find several of my favorite blogs. My blog consists of photographs taken by either me or my husband with Praise Verses that inspire me. Sometimes, I include a hike or trip I’ve been on. One of my favorite blogs is written by several young ladies and is called https://girlslivingforgodsglory.wordpress.com/. It is such an inspiration reading this blog. My blog address is: https://pathstoadventureandpraise.wordpress.com/. What a great idea posting this, Leola! I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers.

  2. Hi everyone, I am from the King David Project.

    “From Despair to Deliverance: the King David Project,” is a non-profit ministry, that seeks to make the life of King David easy to understand and relevant, so that believers gain inspiration and comfort from the life of King David. The project is jointly run by Cate Russell-Cole and Catrine O’Conroi, Christian writers from Brisbane, Australia.

    Masada Rain Blog: https://masadarain.wordpress.com
    The project web site: http://cateartios.wix.com/kingdavidproject
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fromdespairtodeliverance

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