Raindrops on a Peony

I remember a time in my life when I felt helpless and lost. Nothing was going right. Sickness and Pain had become my best friend. I often thought about God and if He was real, why was He not helping me. My search through the Bible would make me realize that just as we require things from God, He also requires something from us and that is our total Obedience to Him. There is no other way. We will have to shed our bad ways, dying to all self-will if we are to get close to God. I found God wanted to lead me in a total different direction than the one in which I was heading. Even though I resisted at first, I did know that His way was the better way, and eventually I did allow Him to be my Guide.


Help me to feel joy,

Instead of pain.

Help me to feel sunshine,

Even when it rains.

So many things

To bring us down,

Please help me keep searching

For that golden crown.


I Am with you always.

Let me carry your pain.

Please, don’t walk off

Still carrying your shame.

You hold on to afflictions

As if prizes to possess.

All I ask is repentance.

All you need to do is confess.

Freedom lies with Me my child;

Don’t let Satan hold you down.

Step out in faith, cling to My hand,

Keep reaching for that golden crown.

Come my child,

Come rest in Me.


And see the demons flee.

When we dare to step out in faith, there will be a shift in our thinking as we allow God’s Holy Spirit to lead us. He transforms us into happy positive beings….if we will allow Him, as He will never force Himself on us. The negativity and the demonic hold of Satan in our lives will start to fade away.

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  1. Even if, only 1 person is inspired, then you’ve served your purpose well. Beautiful piece!!! If you get a chance, check out my poem, THE TRUTH any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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