My inspiration for writing this poem came at a time when I felt my life was simply spinning out of control. I was ill, in pain and unable to work. As a result, I cried out to the Lord in my frustration, and this is a conversation I had with Him in my mind. He didn’t answer me right away, but after some time, I got a sense of the Holy Spirit speaking these words to my mind.

When the Holy Spirit guides us, it will be usually in a way that we would not normally take. We want to do our own thing, while He wants to lead us in a way that is best for us. I am learning to stop fighting Him, and I am now more open to allowing Him to lead. A lot can be learned about the Holy Spirit in the pages of the bible.


I hear of beautiful things happening to others,

Why not me?

All I get are anxious moments,

Can’t you see?

Where are you?

You seem so far away.

Why won’t you help me Lord,

Even today?

My child, My heart breaks for you,

As I see you flounder and lose your way.

I keep showing you which way to go,

But you won’t listen to anything I say.

I tell you to stay in my Word,

I tell you in me you will find rest,

But instead you play your games,

Wasting your years, ignoring whats best.

I see you and I hear you,

And I know you are heartbroken.

But still you will not listen

To the Words that I have spoken.

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