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The bible shows us how we can be free. When we come  out from under God’s protection, we open ourselves up to evil, this is also what happened in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were created to be free. They had everything given to them, with only one restriction. The restriction was given to them so that they could have the freedom of choice to either obey or disobey. Once they disobeyed, we were plunged into sin. We became separated from God , but Jesus came to this earth, died on the cross and rose again, so that we could reclaim our freedom.

Nebuchadnezzar was a king who knew God only on a superficial level. He acknowledge God only with his lips, but not with his heart. He was rich and proud and refused to give God thanks for all that he had acquire. As a result of not acknowledging God, Nebuchadnezzar lost his mind and lived like a homeless person or a wild animal would. He went from having everything to having nothing. He had an attitude like many of us today. He praised himself for the great wealth that he had, and thought he had gained it by his own hard work and in his own strength. He did not recognize it as a blessing from God. Daniel 4:29-30 While on the roof the king said, “Look at Babylon! I built this great city. It is my palace to show how great I am.” As a result of his pride, he lost his wealth and his mind also. The bible tells us he ate grass like an animal, his toe nails were like the claws of a bird, and his hair was like eagle feathers. So he became very dishevelled, just like one who is insane.

Some how through all his insanity, Nebuchadnezzar remembered something deep within and he cried out to God. Once Nebuchadnezzar recognized God, (and it must have been from his heart this time, no longer superficial,) his mind was restored. Daniel 4:34 Then at the end of that time, I Nebuchadnezzar, looked up toward heaven, and was in my “right mind” again. Then I gave praise to the most high. I gave honour and glory to Him who lives forever. God rules forever! His kingdom continues for all generations.

Nebuchadnezzar’s riches were all restored to him. If God’s kingdom continues forever, then we have to be mindful that He is to be honoured and held in high esteem by us. If we are to stay in “Our Right Minds” we should have a heart to heart relationship with God and not only a superficial one.

A Man Possessed By Demons

When Jesus walked this earth He healed many people of their ailments. There was a man who Jesus healed that we today might say was mentally ill, but in the bible it said that the man had evil spirits within him.

Luke 28: 27- 29 When Jesus got out of the boat, a man from that town came to Him. This man had demons inside him. For a long time he had worn no clothes. He did not live in a house, but in the caves where the dead are buried. 28-29 The demon inside the man had often seized him, and he had been put in jail with his hands and feet in chains. But he would always break the chains. The demon inside him would force him to go out to the places where no one lived.

The man told Jesus he had many demons inside of him. So Jesus cast out the demons, and the bible tells us that the man was in his “right mind” again.

Luke 8:35 ……..They came to Jesus and found the man sitting there at the feet of Jesus, the man had clothes on, and was in his “right mind” again.

Today when something bad happens, apart from saying that they were “mentally ill,” the television reporter will also say, “they had demons,” or that “their demons  got the better of them.” this is exactly what is happening. Satan will tempt and lure us into wrong situations, he will also isolate us like he did to this man, taking him out to the graves where no one lived. He, Satan, will slowly and deliberately infiltrate the unsuspecting mind. By looking up toward heaven we can make his job much harder.

It is my opinion that since there is nothing new under the sun, that what the bible refers to as demons or evil spirits, is what we refer to as insanity and mental illness. If we too would raise our heads and look to God, we could live life peaceful and happy and in “our right minds.” 

While professional help and medication may still be needed in most cases, God is not to be discounted.

The Scriptures are taken from Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)


  1. Hi Leola,
    love your post. When we leave God’s covering anything can happen. Satan is looking to take over our minds. If he can control our mind he can control our life and we will lose our salvation. We need to always stay close to the Word for it is our protection.

    1. Camille, this is so true. Satan has tricked many of us into thinking that we have no need of God and He(God) is the very One that can fill our emptiness. We are greatly in need of being Spiritually and Emotionally connected.

  2. Hi Leola, it’s so good to see how the Holy Spirit is leading you. We are indeed living at a time where the mind is being bombarded with so many things, good and bad. It is only through the leading of the Holy Spirit that we can learn how to cope in times like these. People are hurting and stress is killing many. Keep up the good work. God bless.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Shirley, I pray that this post will alert many to Satan’s power and the evil that he can inflict on them, but more so, to let them know that they also have access to the Power of the Holy Spirit if they wish. Blessings to you also.

  3. Reblogged this on mycreatorscreation and commented:

    I think that if we would all look to acknowledging God as our Healer, our Saviour, the one who carries us from day to day, we would not see a lot of the evil that’s taking place in the world today. It just seems that many of us have lost our way, many of us have lost all hope, and as a result destructive thoughts and actions have taken over. I pray for healing in this country, that love will rule instead of hate.

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