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This poem is from my book “Taming the Wild.” “Taming the Wild” is about me. It’s about me allowing the Holy Spirit to take my character through the refining process. Of course this is an ongoing process, and will be until the very end. As the Holy Spirit refines us, He will bring things to our minds to enlighten us, and these are some of the things He brought to my mind.

We walk in darkness

Not realizing our minds are infected

For as soon as Eve ate of the fruit

From our Lord we became disconnected.

All God’s human beings, had minds that were pure,

Then jealousy crept in,

And Satan made us less secure.

Since he cannot tempt God,

He cunningly afflicted minds of the human race,

But our minds can be restored, so that one day, our God, we may face.

Our choices and our thought help us to make up our minds,

When the thoughts within seep outward,

They always need to be refine.

Two Masters we cannot serve, one leads to sinful desires.

The other leads to freedom,

By our actions we will show which we admire.

Evil has so confused us,

We go left when we should be going right.

Each Christian is in a battle,

With God in our lives we can win this fight.

The whole world is undergoing a great battle. Even for Christians the walk can be very difficult, but if we solidly connect to God, putting on His armour, we have a better chance of winning the battle. Let’s all get suited up with “God’s Love,” and stamp Satan out.

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