Practically each day on the news, we hear of something bad happening and we are told that the person was either distraught or that they had mental issues. While I have no credentials, I do believe that to have “Mental Issues” is to have demons residing within. It is not a fairy tale that Satan was cast out of heaven and that he has the power to manipulate and tempt. On the other hand if we were more connected to God and knew that we have the Power of the Holy Spirit available to us, many of these problems that we suffer from would be greatly diminished.

I’m not discouraging anyone from taking medication or from seeking help, but I do think that we should also take a serious look at the bible and the Words within its pages. Power and strength and healing are just a few of the gems that lies within the pages of the bible. So the very book that we are avoiding, and the very Person that we are avoiding (God,) is just what we could be needing for total healing of the body, mind and soul.

Leola Durant

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