I was on my way to work one snowy morning. The roads were very slippery, and the weather forecasters were asking for the drivers to use caution. I had a habit, especially during the winter months, of watching for fresh green lights. Then I would know if I could clear the intersection safely or if I needed to slow down.

I was driving down a hill and as I was approaching the intersection, the lights changed from red to green. I knew I could keep going without having to break suddenly. But no! There was that Small Voice, calling me by name and telling me to slow down. I thought it to be nonsense because I had a fresh green light, and the light would allow me to clear the intersection without having to apply my brakes on the slippery road. I continued driving at the same space, when I heard that “Voice” again telling me to slow down. I decided to take a chance and listen, so I slowed down.

I was about to move through the intersection on a green light, but before I could do so, a car came barreling through the intersection from the other side, obviously going through a red light. If I was clearing the intersection a second earlier, it would have smashed into me.

Immediately I recognized that “Voice” as the Holy Spirit, which had guided me to safety. He had help me to avoid what could have been a very bad accident. I thank God for leaving us with the Holy Spirit (Comforter,) who is available to each and every one of us. When we know God’s Word, it makes it much easier to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I would love to hear for you so please leave your comments letting me know if you’ve had similar experiences.

Leola A Durant


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    1. God is Awesome. We all have the capacity to be connected to Him through the Holy Spirit, but so many are not aware of this connection. I’m glad you are. Thanks for visiting my page and for commenting.

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